Sense of dairy industry“The whole industrial chain of ecological control mode”

Sense in shaanxi province is located in the weald boundary of Inner Mongolia,The geographical position is superior,Have modern yogurt and contain milk beverage production line and modern European and American standard demonstration farms,Formed a set of forage planting、Feed processing、The cow disease prevention and control、Improved varieties in the integration of green ecological chain。

The quality of raw milk

Modern European and American standard demonstration farms,Processing to do the milking2Hours into a powder,To ensure that every drop natural raw milk、Pure。

Technology research and development

Innovation of science and technology globalization,Technical advantage to reveal,From the technology innovation level cement milk industry brand strength at low temperature。

Modern processing

Each working procedure is equipped with new automation equipment,Controlled by computer system,Implementation of automation、Standardized operation。

Quality checks

Have meet the strict quality testing team,Check the quality of the products with international standards,To ensure product quality。

The entire cold chain

Cold storage logistics specialization,Low temperature storage and transportation more fresh,Professional、Rapid refrigeration system,24Hours delivered fresh。

Marketing channels

The community、Super、Chain、Hotels such as the eight channels nationwide,The service closer to consumers。

Product center

Sense dairy combined with domestic and international numerous pediatric and nutrition experts research in terms of formula,The company's brand trilateral、The qin dynasty、Love BeiCong、Love the best、SMART BABYSuch as series of products won the“China food industry association recommended products”And“Provincial food association recommended products”。

News and information

Pay attention to sense the dairy industry information,Browse the sense dairy excellent activities,Help you master the authority、Quickly、There is limitation of the dairy industry news。
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